Essay on Army Knowledge Online ( Ako )

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Army Knowledge Online (AKO) Army Knowledge Online (AKO) is an information that I us every day while I am at work and even when I am at home during the evenings and on the weekends. AKO allows Soldiers track and manage almost every aspect of my daily duties, AKO even allows Soldiers to track their medical readiness all the way to what items of clothing they have signed for. Organizations have the ability to make AKO a one stop shop of all their Soldiers. The amount of information that AKO allows to be submits and tracked by all Soldiers is limitless. When this system is not used correctly or not used at all by Soldiers and organization it can really make work and information very hard.
Characteristics of the Users of the System Every Soldier in the US Army has access to AKO, majority of the users are Staff Sergeants and above. Unit Commanders will store files that contains the Units Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), equipment manual, and training schedules in their files. The Unit files are used by mainly Staff Sergeants and above to get information out to their Soldier. The Soldiers have the capability to access these file on their own. Lower enlisted Soldier don’t not do it on their own due to the security and how to log on to the system. All users use AKO to help track their personal career as well. They can see where jobs are open for them to what schools they need to go to next.
Features and Usage of the System The first thing that is needed to know is…

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