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Team 2 Case Analysis: The Army Crew Team

Team Members Course •

Key Strategic Issue:

The main issue is that the coach lacks of timeliness in response to the Varsity team’s internal issues. The coach noticed there were issues between the team members based on past indications, but he chose not to act on it in a timely manner. His choice of intervention should’ve been sooner in order to prevent further disruptions within the Varsity team.

Alternative Courses of Action:

Intervene to improve the Varsity boat’s performance:
The coach can interject his opinions on why the performance is lacking such as by showing the errors. Moreover, since the members are low on morale the coach
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Rowing is a team sport and it requires a high level of trust and synchronization. All members have to trust and have confidence in each other. This is exactly what Coach P has failed to achieve with the Varsity team and it is highly unlikely that Coach P can do that and make the team more effective in such a short time. Instead of trying to fix the broken wheel, Coach P has to promote the JV team and fine-tune their performance in the available four days, since the JV team has done a better job in all aspects of the team and constantly outperformed the Varsity team.


The next day at the start of practice, Coach P. needs to sit down alone with the Varsity team and discuss the disagreements from the night before. The Varsity team showed that they were not working well together and that they need more time than four days to resolve their conflicts. Coach P. will need to tell the Varsity team that they will not be competing in the National championship race. This is going to be a very tough conversation because he will risk damaging the team’s ego, which could cause the team to lose motivation in the future.

Coach P. will start the meeting by explaining his reasoning for switching the teams and educating the Varsity team so they can better understand his decision. He will need to reiterate the importance of team spirit and remind them that they play for the

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