Army Corps : The Backbone Of The Marine Corps Essay

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help improve my fellow Sergeants’ corps’ .I truly believe that the Marines Sergeant is the backbone of the Marine Corps ,but of the entire service .This aggressive approach help me instill leadership in my Marines .I had become less passive and more confrontational with NCOs that fail to follow rules and regulations .
During my first deployment to Iraq in 2003, I was awarded my second Navy and Marine Corp Achievement Medal by the Commanding Officer of MWSS-372, For performing my responsibilities above and beyond the call of duty of a Sergeant ;for assuming the role of the Remaining Behind Element Supply and Maintenance Chief at Viper Camp ,Kuwait, during OIF/OEF-I.I awarded my third Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal as a Sergeant , after performing my duties as the Maintenance Management Officer for two sister squadrons(MWSS-372 AND MWSS-371) during Foal Eagle 2004.
In October of 2005 , my father in law passed away .My wife and I could not afford to fly as a family and since I was the only one in the family that had flown before , we agreed that I would escort my father in law body back to Mexico . Unfortunately, my Father in law never witnessed our May 4th 2005 church wedding.
A year later, I received accompanied tour orders to Iwakuni, Japan .During my three years, I served as the maintenance Managing Chief where I experienced numerous missions to Okinawa, Camp Fuji and South Korea and held the collateral billet of unit Family Readiness Officer .I was awarded my…

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