Armenian Genocide and Holocaust Comparison Essay

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More than thirteen million people from over four different religions and races

were killed during the Holocaust and Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire. That is more than half the number of people that died in World War I. The book Maus by Art Spigelman tells the story of a man who was a victim of and lived through the Holocaust. The Holocaust and Amenian Genocide are indistinguishable because of not only the amount of people that died but also for three more main reasons. These reasons are the gruesome leaders of both genocides, the merciless dehumanization that was forced upon the Armenians, Jews, and Lebanese, and the unreasonable murder tactics. ! First of all, there were many people that were part of the extermination of
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Woman were raped, usually in public, and then murdered. Also, Armenian homes were stolen from and no help would be given to them. The Turkish people would break into their homes and kill the unable, elderly, and children. If a member of the house was able to work they would then be taken to a concentration or refugee camp where they would work until their death (UHRC). On the other hand, the Jews were tricked onto trains to be sent away. When they would reach their destination, most likely a concentration camp or field to work in, they would be separated from their families and either forced to work or sent to death in the camps. They would have to strip themselves so the Germans could take their clothes to steal or ruin the belongings inside of them. “Their rights and names were even taken away from them by the Nazis and they were given numbers instead” (Maus 186). ! Lastly, the way in which the Jews and Armenians were killed was almost

identicle. In both genocides the people were taken to camps to work, woman were raped and then killed, and the unable were publically executed (Armenian National). Most of the woman and children were killed on the spot because they were “unable to

Kamberling 3 do good enough work for them to stick around” (Armenian National). The elderly were also killed because they could barely work at all. When the Jews, Armenians, and Lebanese were taken to the camps, because

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