Film Analysis: Armageddon

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People talk about Armageddon like it’s some future event. With dramatic morbid gravitas and fanfare ‘POOF’ the earth is now filled with empty shoes and buildings. “That my friend was the human race, and how fast did they run”. Roll credits. Directed by The Coen Brothers ,or whoever the clean shirts decided would sell more. The dirty shirts get up from the stained seats and leave with clear minds out of the theater. “Well that movie was really heavy, but it was so beautifully done. What real emotions they portrayed, the characters were so believable.” Everybody passes under the marquee without making eye contact with each other and drive off into their own sunset.

We all know this movie and we see it every day. It’s become another statistic, another kid hit by a drunk driver or man committing suicide with a bottle of bourbon. We see it so often that we tune it out like your father or mother telling you to take out the trash. It’s a franchise movie put out every quarter, and boy just look at those numbers grow.
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They laugh and dance with precious green things in their pockets as we gather up our metal and powder currency. The fan boy rage is all consuming and we are timid and wary of the sequel coming out next year. We aren’t worried about the cast members of the film but rather if we are going to be able to get our review out on time. We need to inform the audience of our opinion less they be stripped of their enjoyment of what is certainly the popcorn event of the year.

We turn our review into the soapbox. The soapbox is a ladder in which all of our dearest and personal friends are on. Some people on the soap box are on the top and some hang from the sides. Neither mind though, it’s such a pleasant place to discuss movies and the conversation is always entertaining. The clean shirts are there too but they put on cool glasses and ironic trucker hats, they make us laugh so we don’t mind them

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