Arlo Language

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For the language sample, I examined the language of Arlo, a three-and-a-half-year-old at the ACE Learning Center at Middle Tennessee State University. On the background report, Arlo’s parents reported having a normal and full term pregnancy. Arlo’s parents also reported that Arlo has met the developmental milestones at a typical age. For example, per the parental report, Arlo began crawling at nine months, walking at 13 months, and feeding himself at 9 months, which are all typical ages. However, Arlo’s parents reported his first words occurring at 20 months. Because first words typically occur around 10 to 15 months, Arlo’s first words occurred a little later than usual. Though he was a late-talker, Arlo began using two-word combinations around 24 months, which is typical. Moreover, Arlo’s parents reported that Arlo comprehends language that is spoken to him, and he communicates with body language, words, and sentences. Through the background history, it appears that Arlo is a typically developing toddler. …show more content…
In many sentences, Arlo used the contractible copula “is” to refer to the train set we were playing with, things in the environment, and answers to my questions. Moreover, Arlo primarily used the two Brown’s prepositions and the articles. Arlo mostly used simple sentences with a copula; however, he did use some regular past tense, irregular past tense, and third-person singular verbs. In the speech sample, Arlo had an MLU of 5.84, which is higher than what is expected at this age. Arlo used utterances that ranged from 1 morpheme to 15 morphemes during the play session. Arlo used many utterances of different lengths, but he did not use many grammatical morphemes. For example, Arlo mainly talked about current things and did not use many of the tense marking

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