Arizona 's Immigration Law Should Be Abolished Essay

1241 Words Nov 17th, 2015 null Page
Next, Arizona’s immigration law should be abolished because it affects on public health.
According to the article “A Call for Further Research on the Impact of State –Level Immigartion Police of Public Health,” the researchers’ conclude that, “Our findings from a study on childhood obesity in Flagstaff suggest that the law changed health- seeking behavior of residents of a predominantly Latino neighborhood by increasing fear, limiting residents’ mobility, and diminishing trust of officials. These changes could exacerbate barriers to healthy living, limit access to care, and affect the overall safety of the neighborhood.” (Par.01). Base on the information, people can see that the law is not making people feel safe which it is suppose to be. The law makes people feel fear, and people less likely come to see doctor when they get sick because no one wants to get deported. When people get deported they will have to pay for their violence, get dragged into jail, get separate with their family members, and so one. How can people survive if they keep living with their fear almost every second? Negative emotion will have big impact on human’s health. According to the author Michele Deppe concludes, “Negative emotions heat up harmful inflammation, showing a correlation between a gloomy outlook and the inflammation that leads to slower wound healing, increased infection, premature aging, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer 's,…

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