Aristotle's Nicomachean Philosophy: Pursuing Happiness

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The first reading in chapter two our our text Pursuing Happiness, edited by Matthew Parfitt and Dawn Skorczewski, presents materiel from Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics. This reading made me curious about Aristotle 's life as he seems to have had a significant influence upon a great many things in the world. In this essay I want to explore Aristotle’s early life, how he influenced Alexander the Great, and his works impact on the world well after his death. In 384 BCE Aristotle was born in Stagira, a small seaport on the northern coas of Greece, that is no longer there. He was born to his father Nicomachus and mother Phaestis, and had an older sister Arimneste. His father was a court physicion to the Macedonian king Amyntas the second. His father and mother both died when he was still young. He was taken in by Proxenus of Atmeus who was married to his sister, Proxenus becomes his guardian until he comes of age. When Aristotle turned seventeen his guardion sent him to Athens to pursue a higher education. He enrolled in Plato’s Academy and became an
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After his death his works fell out of use for a century. His works where revived again during the first century and over time they became the foundation of more than seven centuries of philosophy (, web). Aristotle’s logic the syllogism lasted for two thousand years before it was overtaken by the rise of the modern propositional and predicated logic (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, web). His influence in regards to philosophy effected ideas from late antiquity all the way through the Renaissance. The influence he has had on Western thought in the humanities and social sciences is considered unparalleled, with the exception of his teacher Plato and Plato’s teacher Socrates before him. The academic practice of interpreting and debating his works still continues to endure (,

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