Aristotle's Virtue Theory

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Engineering is a practice that relies very heavily on the virtues of the engineer whether they are professional or not. Virtue is the behavior of showing high moral standards, which is critical for when engineers are faced with tough decisions on how to proceed with distasteful situations such as the Challenger. Before I dive into the virtues I believe are important for my career path, I must first explain what virtue means. Aristotle has a widely known definition of this theory which is why I will be explaining Aristotle’s understanding of virtue and happiness.

Aristotle believes that happiness (Eudaimonia) “consists of plants and animals functioning well according to their natures” and that a “humans’ proper function consists in reason
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One practice defined by the Society of Manufacturing Engineering is to prevent the election of members who are not qualified or do not meet the code of ethics. I believe if you integrated the virtue of courage, which is the strength to move forward in the face of fear, to this practice, it would make the decision of who should be accepted as a professional engineer much easier. It would facilitate the process because the members making the decision would not be afraid of making the correct evaluation, even if it they know there will be negative feedback. I also believe that as a manufacturing engineer you need to have a good nature or disposition when facing the environmental aspects of manufacturing engineering. Although it is easy to manage waste just enough to where it is a legal amount, I believe you should strive for perfection when it comes to the environment. If all manufacturing engineers strived to leave no chemical trail, then the world would benefit greatly as there would be much less waste produced and released into the world. However, with the current laws, although they are strict, engineers are able to get away with doing the bare minimum with waste management. In order to cultivate this disposition, I believe either the laws need to change or it must be added to the code of ethics so that engineers can understand the importance of waste management. If it was added to the code of ethics and all professionally practicing engineers were forced to follow it, the world would be much better

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