Essay on Aristotle 's Views On Rhetoric

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Rhetoric Is a Strong Power of All Subject’s Persuasive Appeal Rhetoric is that strong and special art which can be used in almost all life aspects, as a mean of effective persuasion. Aristotle once said that “the modes of persuasion are the only true constituents of the art: everything else is merely accessory” (178). Aristotle concerns the different practices of rhetoric, however, never argues its strong power “as the faculty of observing in any given case the available means of persuasion” (178). There are many different modes of persuasion, some belong to the art of rhetoric and some not, however, Aristotle is strictly viewing this art as the strongest one. Unlike Plato who claims rhetoric is a dangerous counterfeit of philosophy, Aristotle, views it as a craft which can be either helpful or harmful, depending on who uses it and in what way. In his treatise, Aristotle, not only outlines the great usefulness of rhetoric, but also tones down the risks of misusing it. According to my point of view, Aristotle’s perspective of the misuses of rhetoric is quite reasonable. Many people use this art aiming to serve their own interests, regardless of the truth. However, using rhetoric in its proper way, make it easier to convince with just and good over their opposites. Aristotle is a brilliant Philosopher whose work in philosophy, natural science, and rhetoric, greatly affected the world. Aristotle’s ideas depend on the realities and facts of the external world, which…

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