Essay on Aristotle 's Views On Modern Politics

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Aristotle is more accurate than Confucius in his description of the sphere of the political–concerning the modern day political realm in the US. As Confucius and Aristotle lived in different times and places, modern US politics is the most unifiable way to speak of politics. Aristotle 's assessments of how far politics reaches into society and how it operates are far more applicable to modern politics than Confucius’ assessments.
A polis–which Aristotle defines as a city, but is equivalent to today’s countries, states and cities as they are all political associations–is a “most sovereign and inclusive association” that, like all associations, “aim[s] at some good” , which is in this case the passage of laws to make their collective lives better. Politics therefore extends into many aspects of life as its entire purpose is to improve them. However, Aristotle goes to great length to distinguish the leader-subjects relationship from the husband-wife, father-son and master-slave relationships . Politics distinguishes cities from other associations such as villages, which do not aim themselves toward a higher good. That cities aim themselves toward a higher good implies that they try to change whatever is necessary to make society as peaceful and cohesive as possible. Progression away from former norms is what has happened in the past few thousand years, which further shows that Aristotle is more correct than Confucius in his assessment of how politics should operate.…

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