Essay about Aristotle 's Views On Happiness

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In Aristotle 's Nicomachean Ethics he presents his idea of happiness and what he believes happiness is, Aristotle believes human happiness is a choice worthy end, an end is a something that is that is self-sufficient all by itself and lacks nothing. Happiness is completely self-sufficient and an end is possibly achieved by action, it also satisfies every desire and has no account of evil combined with it. He believes that happiness comes from the goods of the soul, the goods of the soul come from virtue, he believes that living a virtuous life is the key to achieving happiness, a virtuous life is achieved through self, external goods such as wealth and happiness don’t play a large role in becoming truly happy or living a virtuous life.
Happiness is a sufficiently completed good, it desires for itself and has no desire for anything outside of itself, happiness satisfies every desire and has no account of evil combined with it. Human good is equal to happiness, this good is active with the soul and corresponds with virtue. Aristotle approaches the idea of happiness and what it consist of. He believes that for animals and plants that happiness consists only of their functioning according to nature. Happiness is not found in the function of a human being, for example, an artist wouldn 't find happiness in being told that he made a beautiful art piece, it may bring him joy but not happiness, happiness is found in the rational activity of the soul. Aristotle describes the soul as…

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