Aristotle 's Views On Government Essay

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Aristotle explains that there must be many forms of government because every state is composed of a unique combination of elements. He addresses the perspectives of other writers; Aristotle mentions Plato’s books in particular. Plato recognizes four principal forms of rule. These forms are monarchy, oligarchy, democracy, and aristocracy. In The Politics, Aristotle includes a fifth form of government. This form is termed polity, or constitutional government. Although it is uncommon and is not universally recognized, Aristotle believes it is worthy of consideration. For Aristotle, analyzing these five forms of government supports his belief that, in general, there are two predominant forms of government. The two forms he describes are democracy and oligarchy. He believes that all other types of government are variations or perversions of the two principle forms.
Aristotle believes that each individual state develops a government accustomed to its elements and needs. He explains, however, that every ruling class is, at its foundation, a democracy or an oligarchy. He believes that aristocracy, or government by the best, is inclined toward oligarchy. In addition, he explains how monarchy can develop out of an oligarchy where succession is hereditary. He describes these forms of government with a reasonable degree of objectivity, focusing on the connections between them. Aristotle explains his ideal form of government, polity, as a combination of elements from both democracy and…

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