Aristotle 's Teachings As The Bases For My Writing If I Were A Philosopher

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Aristotle is a very important philosopher which many other philosophers learn from. I too would use Aristotle’s teachings as the bases for my writing if I were a philosopher. The teaching that interests me the most is from his book of “Nicomachean Ethics”. In book 1 of this selection Aristotle says that all actions seek to do some good, which would lead to the highest good of happiness. He does not say that the actions must result in good but the activity of the action is good. In other words, as long as your intentions are good the product does not matter. I strongly agree with this because sometimes good intentions can end up with bad products. For instance if a gun, that was made in order to hunt animals for food is stolen and used to kill, it does not mean the initial intention was bad just because the end result was bad. As humans we want to reach the highest good, which is happiness. This is why I believe that we do everything with good intentions. On the contrary, Epicurus says that pleasure is in fact the highest good, not happiness. Aristotle’s teachings suggest that as humans we live to reach happiness. Reaching happiness is reaching something that is immortal and self-sufficient. So essentially we live as humans longing for immortality. However, Epicurus teaches that we should remove “the longing for immortality” (Letter to Menoeceus, 32). He says that we should not want to live forever because only in death will we reach the highest good, which is pleasure. The…

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