Aristotle 's Doctrine Of The Mean Essay examples

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Aristotle’s “Doctrine of the Mean” is supposed to help in regulating our desires to find a balance between too much and too little regulation. One of the virtues Aristotle gives is friendship, which is a balance between a deficiency of quarrelsomeness and an excess of flattery. To illustrate, a workmate who is nice and says hello to people in the hallway and occasionally invites others to his winery is a friendly person, the mean. An excess of friendship would be that same person inviting everyone to his place every weekend and engaging in long conversations with others whilst they are trying to do their work. Conversing is nice and going out is fun, but in moderation. Too much friendliness gives the impression of wanting something in return, in some cases. Aristotle would call the workmate that constantly gets into arguments with others every other day the deficient one. There is no friendship there but mere quarrelling, which is no good for virtue. The doctrine shows that too much friendliness is not virtuous, while too little results in arguments. One has to find the balance between the two which is the mean and in this case, friendship.
Question 2: Sandel reasons that using genetic enhancements will undermine three moral concepts that contributes to us cherishing life as a gift; these include humility, responsibility and solidarity. Humility, according to Sandel, is the sense of leaving things to chance and not being able to control everything. For parents humility…

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