Aristotle Was Considered A Philosophical Genius During His Time

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Aristotle was considered a philosophical genius during his time. He was born in Macedonia in a town called Stagira in 384 B.C.E. (Lawhead 74). During Aristotle’s teen years, he set out to get the best education during his time and became a student at Plato’s Academy in Athens where he would study and help teach with Plato for nearly twenty years (Lawhead 74). During this time, King of Macedonia summoned Aristotle to tutor his son for several years who would later become known as a legendary figure named Alexander the Great. Alexander was very interested in the secrets of medicine considering it an art. He required most of this knowledge from Aristotle which helped Alexander save many lives of troops on various occasions and without this knowledge he may not have been able to create his own empire (Lainas). Alexander even stated, “in my heart, Aristotle is present, and I owe him whatever greatness has arisen during a quest that has gone on all these years with the same passion. To him I also owe my understanding of greatness in its most divine and most human expression” (Lainas). This quote shows how much of an influence Aristotle was to Alexander. After teaching Alexander the Great, Aristotle founded his own school and research institution in Athens named the Lyceum because it was near the temple of god named Apollo Lyceus. Over the next twelve years in the school Aristotle directed scientific research and wrote most of his major works here (Lawhead 74-75). The research…

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