Aristotle Vs Science

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2b. How does our society currently interact with science? How has this changed from the time of Aristotle?

Answer 2b:

In the days of Aristotle, the interaction between science and society was limited. Science was for the few elite who had time to dedicate to impractical studies such as astronomy, which didn’t affect common people. The gods and the divine represented one of the most determining roles society played in early science (as religion does today). In “On the Heavens,” Aristotle drew the parallel between the heavenly bodies and the Gods. According to aristotle, the number three was significant both in terms of divine symbolism and in regards to the three dimensions of the universe. Also, the gods like the heavens were immortal
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First he asked the question: what is the nature of color and light? Then he studied the work of established experts in the field such as Thomas Hobbes and Rene Descartes. Based on this background research, he developed a series of hypotheses, which he rejected based on careful experimentation. His experimentations culminated in the development of the hypothesis that white light is composed of all the colors, and that what we see is the reflection of some of those colors. The data he gathered from his experiments supported this hypothesis, and he communicated his results in the treatise Opticks (NewtonMSS). Newton 's use of data gleaned via observation to support his findings was revolutionary and represents one of the greatest leaps in the development of modern science.
Another contribution Newton made to the advancement to the scientific method, and science as a whole was how he integrated mathematics into the scientific process. Although much of his work was reliant on mathematics, his study of gravity exemplified the interface of science and math. An example of his understanding of mathematics in the context of astronomy, was demonstrated by his use (and invention) of differential calculus to explain why the planets move in

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