Nutrition Observation

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1. Sphere of human action: I am experimenting with pleasure and pain in which the excess state is insensibility, the deficiency state is licentiousness, and the mean is temperance.

2. Summary: Based on by observations in Part I, I fall into patterns of eating unhealthy foods especially when stressed or busy. I tend to eat unhealthy meals throughout the day due to a lack of self-control, stemming from a desire for comfort when stressed, and a desire to maximize time. For example, instead of waiting in line for an omelet in the morning, I pick sugary pastries as they taste good and are easy to grab and go. Instead of sitting down and eating a full meal at lunch, I often grab a few snacks, which leads me to be hungrier at night. I tend to eat when I’m stressed, especially when I am studying or working on assignments. Instead of snacking on more healthy
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Phronomos: My phronomos, the person of practical wisdom and model, would be my father. Despite having an extremely hectic schedule and stressful occupation, he manages to control his diet in a healthy and temperate way. Though it is challenging, as he works in a hospital, my father tries to set aside thirty minutes for breakfast and lunch to ensure he has sufficient time to consume a full meal. My father schedules his meals at the same time every day as a way to control his hunger and prevent snacking in the afternoon and night. These behavioral patterns allow my father to have a good diet and overall better health. His food choices help him maintain his energy level throughout his long workday and he does not feel stuffed from overeating. Though his actions may seem strict, my father is a good role model as he finds a balance between control and lenience. He does not police his eating choices, but always opts for healthier choices. Additionally, as he is aware of his weaknesses such as his caffeine and ice cream consumption, he limits the amount he eats, but never completely eradicates these items from his

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