Aristotle And Hobbes Ideas About The Origin And Purpose Of Political Life

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Aristotle and Hobbes’ Ideas about the Origin and Purpose of Political Life
From the very ancient times political life was formed by groups of people who were having different thoughts and ideas about how to rule or how to control others and their properties. As long as that happened, the differences had led to misunderstanding and chaos among the tribes and as now called politics. Each political community formed, a different problem came to life. All this was a way to undercover the best ways of ruling and leading others in places all around the world. The first place that appeared to be like a political community was households. Then it turned to bigger and stronger establishments that human being had never thought of before. One of the structures
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In contrast, Hobbes said that human beings are born equals and they have equal rights. They all try to be the best and gain what is best for their own benefits and also human do not accept the idea of someone being better or stringer than them. They always try to gain more power in order to be the best part of the community. Yet, they both agreed on one particular thing which was all humans should be under a certain law or rule that limits their natural desires in order to keep peace and have protection from one another. When it comes to political life Aristotle said that when ruling a place the elder of that place has the leading abilities and that person should lead because of having more experiences than the other ones. As in households and villages the elder ones are most likely have power over younger ones. Also, first in cities were ruled by kings as they were the oldest ones. Additionally, Aristotle was the one who preferred the democratic regime. Conversely, Hobbes was the one who preferred liberal democracy which was kind of democracy that limits on what government can do. He thought there should be equality among citizens and they should all get the same equal rights. Also, people themselves should make the government and if they did not like their governors they can replace them with better ones. Moreover, their private life should not be taken away from them such as religion and property. They are all worth of having a comfortable life living in peace together and all the necessity of live should be provided to them like transportation, religious places, and security

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