Essay on Aristocratic And Inherited Generation By Generation

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Nobility/Aristocracy- Nobility/aristocracy is the social class in which the being is higher in terms of character and honor, than any other beings in lower social classes. It is usually hereditary and inherited generation by generation. The advantages that come with this class vary depending on the country or area. In history, members of this social class were sometimes the monarchs or rulers of the area. Many times, there is a distinguishment with the types of ranks within the noble class.
Nomad- A nomad is a member of a group of people who travels and wanders from place to place, not having a permanent territory, searching for pasture. A nomad makes a living by moving from place to place without settling, looking for food, scarce resources, and pasture. In 1995, there was an estimation of about 30-40 million nomads in the world, thus making it quite popular. Nomadism is a lifestyle in which moving and maneuverability is an adequate strategy to find rare items and products. Nomadic hunting and gathering is one of the oldest human styles.
Papacy- Papacy is the authority of a pope, who is the leader of the worldwide Catholic Church, as well as the Bishop of Rome. The pope’s power to make decisions is called the “Holy See”. The papacy is one of the most sustainable institutions in the world, placing an outstanding part in world history. Back in ancient times, the popes spread Christianity throughout parts of the world. The also played important roles during the Middle Ages, in…

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