Legalizing Marijuana Benefits

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Are the benefits of marijuana pushing for its legalization?
“If the government legalized weed, the crime rate would go down. People would just wanna chill”, this comical quote from Snoop Dogg, who is famous for smoking marijuana frequently in his music videos, just shows how Americans feel about the legalization of marijuana. For a few decades now, most citizens of the united states have been pushing for the legalization of marijuana. Residents of the united states plea for the legalization of marijuana are starting to show progress as most states are giving into it and making the drug legal either for medical or recreational use. I believe that the residents of this country are being effective in using the benefits of marijuana and the fact
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Marijuana has been used for medical purposes in countries such as China and India for well over 10000 years ago, and it was well known as pain killers, anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea drug. Nevertheless, in this modern world, marijuana is a controlled substance and must be tested under the strictest of the circumstances, consequently the few marijuana studies that has been done shows great potential for the advancement of medicine that it is forcing leading experts to change their regards in the legalization of marijuana. Recent studies show that there is more to the benefits of marijuana rather than just common sicknesses such as pain, insomnia and so forth. The newly found benefits of marijuana are many but there are strong suggestions that these three benefits will probably sway those on the fence about marijuana legalization to start accepting that marijuana could change the medical industry for good. The first benefit that could be a breakthrough is that a compound in marijuana could slow down the spread of cancer cells. This was mentioned in two researches and in the UK, researchers have started using marijuana compounds to kill cancer cells in leukemia patients. The second benefit is that marijuana lessens the side effect of hepatitis C and can even increase the effectiveness of the treatment. A 2006 study found that 86% of patients using marijuana completed their Hepatitis C, while only 29% of …show more content…
All the medical benefits of marijuana are restricted because it must be used in small doses, if higher doses were to be consumed, it could harm the health of the user. One disadvantage of legalizing marijuana is that children will have easier access to it. For example, in Colorado, 10.5% of the youth between the ages of 12-17 were considered current marijuana users compared to the 7.5% nationally. Not only this, but the drug related suspension and expulsion increased by up to 30% from school years 2008-2012, most cases involving marijuana. In addition to that, another disadvantage of legalizing marijuana is that it could be a gateway to drug abuse. A research was done in a rehab center, where 44% of drug addicts confessed that they started out using weed, but changed to more hardcore and cheaper drug when they couldn’t afford weed. People usually encounter the with the worst of marijuana when they lose their self-control and get addicted, this is when the funds for the drug skyrocket and people end up doing crimes to pay for their uncontrollable

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