Arguments For The Death Penalty Essay

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Arguments for the Death Penalty
Justice is defined as the process or result of using laws to fairly judge and punish crimes and criminals ( There are varying forms of justice throughout the world; however, the most severe remains to be capital punishment, otherwise known as the death penalty. There is a definite divide of arguments both for advocating the death penalty and for abolishing it. The essay "A Death in Texas" written by Steve Earle strongly portrays the belief that the death penalty is not a suitable punishment by suggesting that criminals can be rehabilitated and thus should no longer pertain to them. Despite this, it is a personal belief that the death penalty should not be abolished due to the extensive history
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As discussed in the previous paragraph, morality is a section of discussion that affects prison sentences. Life without parole is not a foolproof way to put an end to violent crime or even murder but it is a good alternative to capital punishment. Inmates often fight with each other, commit murder within the prison or even find ways to commit suicide. Prisoners are ingenious with inventing ways to continually break the law and possibly murder while inside prison walls. Another interesting factor is the repeal process and how life without parole can still grant parole. One such example is Kenneth McDuff whom was sentenced to life without parole after murdering three people. He happened to make parole after bribing the right people and proceeded to go on another murdering spree before getting caught and then being sentenced to the death penalty. This is an extreme example nonetheless it is still important to note that laws change, people can have a change of heart in the worst way, and rehabilitation isn 't always possible. Correspondingly, rehabilitation is an optimistic approach to life without parole with the accused living out a peaceful life in prison rather than face what most would consider justice. Steve Earle paints a vivid picture of when he experienced his friend Jon be executed for murder and argues that perhaps with rehabilitation Jon could …show more content…
The reasons for this are that there is a history and a purpose behind the death penalty, the crime should fit the punishment, and life without parole isn 't as effective as capital punishment. There are two sides to every argument and it 's equally as purposeful to argue against the death penalty however, if we are to simply put men behind bars to serve justice the criminal justice system would no longer have the iron vice of the death penalty. As history has taught us, even through changing times, it will prevail in some form

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