Essay on Arguments For And Against The Bill

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There are many arguments for and against the “Tim Tebow Bill” within Virginia and across the nation. It is important to look at the arguments provided by those who support the bill. In doing so a few faulty arguments appear to repeat themselves continuously. Dispelling of these myths is essential to understanding the true impact of the “Tim Tebow Bill” on the high school sports landscape.
I. Paying Taxes Entitles Children to Play High School Sports In the United States funding for public schools is tied to property taxes, meaning a family that chooses to homeschool their children is still paying to fund the public school in their area. Because of this some parents feel that “paying property taxes should allow them access to the interscholastic athletics portion of the public education system along with everyone else.” An Alabama state legislator, Rep. Mary McClurkin, argued, “The public schools do not have to educate those kids but their parents are still taxpayers.” However, this argument is faulty is for two reasons: schools do not receive federal support for students that play sports, but do not enroll and playing high school sports is not a right. In many states, “a school system only receives state funding relative to the amount of enrolled students at that school.” This means “a home school athlete would be receiving services at the school they might pay their taxes for, but that system would not receive any compensation for their participation because that…

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