Arguments For And Against Black Lives Matter Essay

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Arguments for and against Black Lives Matter
Black lives matter is an activist movement that gained a following after 2013 once #blacklivesmatter was thrown around social media following the murder of 15 year old unarmed black boy, Trayvon Martin. This group acts as the voice for countless stories of police brutality and misuse of power. Black lives matter was created in order to bring awareness to crimes that were merely brushed aside. However with its good intentions, the black lives matter movement has received criticisms. First that the movement has no kind of organization, second that black lives matter is a shorted for “black lives matter and white lives don’t,” and lastly that this movement is anti-police. Outrageous claims like those not only destroy the image of the movement but also delay plans for improvement with little to no basis for a valid argument. By using the fallacies learned in studying critical thinking, the previously introduced arguments can be analyzed to expose the fallacies hidden in these popular arguments against the black lives matter movement.
The movement has learned the importance of easy communication to avert rumours. Easier communication among followers has improved the image of the overall movement by sorting false claims from reliable sources. According to an article by the daily beast about the consistency of leadership in the movement, “In the process of trying to grow its message from a hashtag spawned by three activists into a…

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