Arguments Against The Integration Of Humans And Technology Essay

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Arguments against
My arguments against the integration of humans and technology is that evolution is being altered. This concerns is the rate at which the human race is changing because of several ways evolution is being altered by technology. According to Hughes, "He argued that argue that "human limitations – such as mortality – exist for a reason. He believes that to remove them would result in making human life meaningless, and that removing our biological limitations would also remove the necessary context in which we make meaningful choices about our life" (Hughes, 2014) .
As of now, parents have the option to edit their embryo 's gene and, that would eliminate a potential congenital defect in their unborn child. DNA sequence can manipulate an unborn child 's features and attributes; however, there are many ethical concerns. One examples is the experience of clones, who could be ranked below natural borne human in the social order.
Movies like Gattaca and I-robot depict what the downfall from how the integration of augmented humans and robots, to the daily lives of human would affects the social status of humans in the social strata.
Or In I-robot, we see "Detective Del Spooner is sent to an experimental space station to investigate the death of brilliant, eccentric scientist Dr. Alfred Lanning. Spooner is aided by psychologist Dr. Susan Calvin, and the death is initially labeled a suicide. But Spooner suspects that a robot may have perpetrated the crime. His…

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