Taking A Look At The Death Penalty

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Is the death penalty an accurate illustration of American culture? Many would argue that the death penalty is an acceptable punishment for criminals, while others say that it is an inhumane way to treat someone, even a convicted felon. One of the major arguments against the death penalty is the fact that it is a direct violation of human rights. It is believed by many that just because someone commits a crime doesn’t make them any less human than someone else. And because of that their right to life should not be ignored.

There are many reasons why capital punishment should be done away with. One reason is that these executions are cruel and immoral. The methods of execution are meant to be quick and painless for the one being punished but
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Capital punishment costs the United States millions of dollars every year. A recent study shows that on average a single death penalty case can cost up to 3 million dollars while a life sentence costs around 2 million dollars (Sterbenz). Clearly the expense of giving a lifelong incarceration is much less expensive than a capital punishment. The nation 's biggest population of death row prisoners is in California. It costs the state $90,000 per inmate to house a convict on death row (To Execute or Not: A Question of Cost?). Florida spends around $51 million more over the expense of sentences of life detainment (Get Smarter, Save Money by Executing Justice, Not People). So money wise is it worth it to sentence someone to death? Many taxpayers would probably say no because as of 2015 the death penalty costs America an extra 1.5 million …show more content…
He spoke genuine words when he said this. Capital punishment is utilized more frequently than homicides happen and it gives the idea that the justice system won 't be abandoning this practice at any point in the future. The death penalty should be done away with because it is ethically wrong and the individuals who take part in the executions are, actually, no better than the criminals they’re trying to

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