Arguments Against Same Sex Marriage

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In a historic ruling the US Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal across the country. Religion stands on both sides of the issue forcing the church to reexamine their views about sexuality, marriage and LGBT acceptance.

Self Awareness:
Core beliefs and origins are fully explained and expressed. The Reverend J.D. Greear of The Summit Church says that they believe in the right of free speech, but it’s not reasonable to tell us that we cannot express our opinion because we translate our views on gay marriage from two thousand years of religious history. The reverend does agree that there is a need for more empathy within the discussion, but the church has the privilege to stay with its own morale code, no matter now unpopular
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Opponents of equality will argue that permitting gay couples to marry will hurt children since youngsters require a mother and a father in order to flourish and legalizing gay marriage will deny children to live a life of normalcy. Studies in the social sciences are showing that there is no distinction in the psychosocial development of children who are raised by opposite-sex couples. There is no evidence to support that children are being psychologically hurt by having two fathers or two mothers. The American Psychological Association and the American Sociological Association has both supported the legalization of same-sex relational unions and its capacity to provide a stable environment for …show more content…
Many people are now beginning to ask questions about what the difference is between a civil and a religious marriage.
The Christians claim that if same sex marriages are granted then this is a danger to the traditional meaning of family. Many religions view gays and lesbians as morally corrupt people, because they go against the traditional beliefs of marriage. These religions view same sex marriage as immoral and unethical because it offends the church as marriage is ordained by god and same sex marriage is an infringement of the sanctity of marriage. The church additionally fears that gay marriage will influence society to accept same sex relationships as moral.
Advocates for same sex marriages fight for the lawful right to marry to guarantee that all members of society can enjoy the full human rights that they are entitled to. Same sex marriages should be allowed to have the same legal rights as heterosexuals when it comes to adoption and medical rights. If gay marriages are not legally acknowledged the couples could face the inability to have any medical decisions that involved their partner who might be dying, lack of the right to own common property and prohibiting them from any employment

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