Arguments Against Racial Profiling

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A controversy emerges in the debate over racial profiling on whether law enforcement should be allowed to profile people based on their race, or if it is unconstitutional and discriminatory. Racial profiling is anything enacted by law enforcement officials that relies on race, ethnicity, or national origin to target individuals who may be involved with criminal activity. It originates from criminal profiling which uses other characteristics such as clothing, accessories, hair, tattoos, etc.. Many people believe that racial profiling is unreasonable search and seizure, and violates their fundamental rights. When statistics show that people of a certain race are more likely to commit a crime… shouldn’t law enforcement target those individuals? Imagine a white man and a black man walking down the street towards each other, and the white man decides to cross the street to avoid confrontation. Does this make the white man a racist? What if instead it was a hispanic? Is it the stereotype that black and hispanic americans always have bad intentions? Or was he only acting on a firm stereotype of black americans that he was going to be mugged or beaten. Studies by the Center for American progress show that sixty percent of prisoners behind bars in the U.S are Black Americans, and one of three black males can expect to go …show more content…
Many cops are being shot just for being a cop. They are being considered racist and corrupt, with bad training coupled with poor knowledge of the Criminal justice system. Many people believe that we should put an end to Racial Profiling. If we were to pass any laws that would deny cops the right to profile based on race it would make policing a more tedious task. Officers should be allowed to profile a person based on everything about them. If it will help put criminals behind bars why pass laws that would deter putting them

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