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Argumentative Essay
November 22nd, 2015

World War Three’s a crowd: Iran, Israel, U.S.? Although officials of the United States, Iran, and Israel are currently attempting to solve problems through the use of diplomacy, relations are not improving quickly enough and could lead to the start of a nuclearized World War 3. Recent protests and slayings have led many people to pose the question of whether the heated relations between the two countries could lead to a World War three? Given continuously steady turmoil and mutual feelings of disgust for the two middle eastern countries, settling this dispute peacefully seems to be the furthest thing from possible. This drawn out dispute has the capability to escalate without warning very
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It is also reported that, “The original 10-year agreement guaranteeing Israel $3.1 billion annually expires in 2017 and Israel has reportedly asked that it be extended and increased to as much as $5 billion.”
Although many constituents believe this mobilization of arms to be an event foreshadowing to the involved parties going to war, the Israeli Prime Minister indirectly laid this claim to rest by stating, “the regime in Iran is dedicated to destroying Israel and Israel has the right and obligation to defend itself with its own forces against every threat.” In other words, this assistance requested by the country is not with malicious intent, but rather is a defensive measure in the event that Iran carries out its promises. The improbability of Israel attacking first is also supported by Jeffrey Goldberg with his comment

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