Argument Against Abortion

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Introduction Abortion is a highly controversial topic; people say that abortion should be illegal under all circumstances, some say only under certain circumstances, and others say it should be legal no matter what. Abortion should be legal under certain circumstances, yet banned under others. People should have the right to decide what they want to do with their body. However, with abortion, it is not your body. It is the life of someone else that is inside the female body. An argument is that adoption is always an option. However, in some circumstances, adoption is actually not an option. Abortion should be legal in very rare circumstances. Under other circumstances, abortion should be illegal. The decision should be made by a health care …show more content…
However, they fail to mention the downfall to these methods. Parenting a child is costly and very stressful, especially for the people who are unable to get support. Financials can also be a huge impact. Babies requires extra money to raise. If the parents are unable to financially support the child, then that could have a major impact on the well-being of the baby. Raising a child of someone that raped the mother can also have very negative impacts on the mother. “Rape victims were found to be significantly more depressed, generally anxious, and fearful than control subjects.” (J, 1985). Having to see a reminder of the horrible event could drastically increase the psychological effects and potentially put the baby in a dangerous situation. Interim foster care also has its downfall. This is a temporary situation, and will not last forever. If the parents have not made their decision by the end of the agreement, they must take the baby back and care for it. Foster care also has drastic effects on the child. “A major contributing factor to the troubling environment which foster youths create when they are removed to new areas, is the frequency with which these changes occur, and often, the rapidity.” (Evans, 1997). Adoption inside of the United States’ is not as easy and fast as people make it out to be. Adoption can take upwards of 2 years, and cost the adopter’s upwards of $45,000. This has a massive impact on adoptions, lower the rate of adoption. On top of that, the child must still be cared for by the parents while waiting for the adoption to go

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