Argumentative Essay: Why Do We Need Sleep?

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Everyday we get tired and go to sleep but we don’t know why. We tend to think that when we sleep it is the mind and body shutting down. But that's not the case; scientists have yet to determine why people sleep. However they do know that we need to sleep to survive. Scientists have formed many hypothesis on why humans require sleep.

We require sleep so that the brain is able to reorder without the inputs it gets while awake. The brain has a chance to exercise important neuronal connections that might otherwise fail due to lack of activity. Sleep allows the brain to reorganize data, process newly learned information and organize memories. Sleep also lowers a person's metabolic rate and energy consumption. The cardiovascular system also gets a break during sleep.
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Losing sleep can harm your body's ability to fight off illness which makes it easier to get sick. Your heart is affected when having not enough sleep and too much. Chances with heart disease or having a stroke are greatly increased with less sleep. According to AASM less sleep is associated with higher rates of breast, colorectal, and prostate cancers. Study´s have found that after a night without sleep can lead to major cognition issues such as executive control over memory, decision-making, reasoning, and problem solving. Scientists suggest that sleep is critical to the process of remembering things. In other words, to lock in new information you need proper rest. People who sleep less than five hours each night are more likely to gain weight and eventually become obese. People who do not get enough sleep or too much may increase their risk of developing adult-onset diabetes. If you get six or fewer hours of sleep you are more likely to get involved in an automobile accident. Basically to stay healthy you need to get the right amount of sleep. “Sleep is the golden chain that binds health and our bodies together.” by Thomas

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