Argumentative Essay : Unpaid Internships

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Argumentative Essay
A survey on the 2013 graduates says that the percentage of students that completed a paid internship receiving one job offer was 63.1%; however, those who participated in an unpaid internship was 37%. Internships are temporary work positions, where young professionals may gain knowledge and experience in the field they are pursuing. Although it is helpful for young professionals to learn and experience the career path they are pursuing, unpaid internships are not suitable for all applicants. Unpaid internships may also be illegal. According to the University of California Berkeley, student newspaper, Daily Californian, , "For many UC Berkeley students, the heavy demand for internships as a prerequisite for an entry level job is nothing new. But the fact that some for-profit firms that have been offering unpaid internships are actually breaking the law was news to us" (Goldmacher). Unpaid interns are not always doing meaningful, professional, work, not all applicants can afford to work for free, and unpaid internships do not always lead to success. Internship programs should not consider unpaid internships fair because not all interns can afford to do menial work for free.
Internships are helpful in the case that they are paid. Unpaid internships are not helpful to all applicants. In industries such as the music and film industry, interns, are not doing professional work that will benefit them in their career. Instead of being able to experience the life…

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