Argumentative Essay: The Unhealthy Generation Of Fast Food

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Register to read the introduction… This made if very popular for inner city residents, and people who didn’t have the means to cook large meals. But even then, fast food was more of a family treat, or delicacy, than it was a routine meal. As this evolved, it welcomed in the industrialization of the kitchen, ushering in an era of commercial size machines, microwaves, deep fryers, and frozen, processed foods. For fast food companies, this hugely expanded profit, as they found that by use of preservative chemicals and freezing techniques, they could buy mass qualities of food without fear of spoilage, and, by use of machinery in the kitchen, could ensure all of their customers received a standardized and uniform meal, free of any flaws that were possible by way of a line cook. By doing this, they were able to let go large numbers of employees who, because of the technological advances, were rendered no longer necessary for a successful kitchen. Instead of hiring somebody with a culinary background, they could hire poor, unskilled workers, as cooking a meal now only required the menial task of moving an item of food from station to station, and pressing buttons to prepare it. Fast food was now faster, cheaper, and more readily available than ever …show more content…
Witness the birth of the happy meal, the sickeningly ingenious idea of including a toy in a child’s meal, going back to the ideal that kids will identify the food with the characters. And it worked, the happy meal was huge, as children now had even more motivation to eat the fast food, and parents soon began using McDonald’s as a meeting place for other parents and their children. Soon, McDonald’s took it a step further, by building large playgrounds on the premises of some McDonald’s restaurants. Parents could now feed their children, have them interact with others, and take them to a playground, all without ever leaving the sanctity of a McDonald’s restaurant. Now, as time goes on, McDonald’s has added even more to the “play place”, by incorporating video games into the playground, by way of numerous video game stations. Now, not only were children eating the food, which had also grown in size, they now hardly used the slides, or jungle gym, but played video games. McDonald’s had single handedly created a whole new generation of fast food eating, McDonald’s idolizing, video game addicted

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