Argumentative Essay: The Possession Of Marijuana?

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On Wednesday January 24th, a few friends and I were caught with marijuana and paraphernalia. We hadn’t actually smoked anything yet, but it was clear to campus police that we were about too. After they found us, they searched us for weapons and led us up to a parking lot where their car was. I believe that this is because there was a camera on the back of the police SUV and they wanted to record everything that happened. Once we were up there, they gave us all a phone number and told us we had to call it within two days before letting us go back to the residence halls. Possession of marijuana is obviously illegal in the state of North Carolina. Many people disagree with this, but it is still a law that we were breaking. I do not know much …show more content…
I don’t blame my friends or the cops for finding us, I realize that it was my choices that led me into this situation and the campus police were just doing their job. When stuff like this happens I always think about how much trouble that could have been avoided if I had made a split-second decision slightly differently. The rewards from breaking the rules are never worth the potential for extremely negative consequences. These consequences also include many things other than just getting in trouble, as there is usually concrete reasoning behind rules. For example, being in the botanical gardens at night puts you at real danger from wildlife or strangers. I am confident that nothing like this will ever happen to me again. Smoking marijuana is not a regular thing for me anyways, so there is no real temptation to smoke on campus again. Also, I have to remember that this is only my first violation. If I were to be caught again the punishments would probably get much worse. I don’t know definitively what they would include, but suspension is definitely on the table. I can deal with going to a class and writing a paper, but anything much more than this could definitely throw a wrench in my academic

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