Argumentative Essay: The Murder Of Mary Jane Kelly

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On the 9th of November, 1888, a deformed body was found in 13 Miller’s court by a guy who came to collect rent fees. That body turned out to be a woman by the name of Mary Jane Kelly. She was found naked on her bed with her back hitting the mattress, her head turned left with her eyes wide open. The legs were spread apart with her insides carved open. Her abdomen and thighs were removed. Kelly’s abdomen was found in the next bed after hers. The bed was bathed with Kelly’s blood, as well as, the floor (Schachner). She was only 25 years old. The question that’s being asked is who did this? Joseph Barnett killed Mary Jane Kelly because he had the motive, the skills and he fit the profile.

Firstly, the victim’s name is Mary Jane Kelly, but she
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They were looking for someone who was white, ages between 26 to 36, absent parent, skilled worker and speech impediment (Schachner). Joseph Barnett seems to fit this profile perfectly. Not to mention, he did have a speech impediment. After every last sentence he said he seemed to struggle to finish it. His occupation was a fishermen. Criminal Investigators were looking for someone was skilled in butchering. When Kelly was being examined by Thomas Bond, he suggested that the police to look for a quiet, inoffensive looking man who’s middle aged (Zeigler). In addition, Since Kelly was a prostitute, it made it easier for Barnett to kill her because prostitutes tend to avoid the law. Once they get picked up from the streets, no one seems to notice their disappears. However, in this case, Kelly was lucky to be …show more content…
Kelly seemed to be the final victim of Jack. The murder took place in Whitechapel, London. However, for the other victims there death took place in different parts of London. His victims were all prostitutes making it easy for him to pick them up. Jack got the name “the ripper” for that being said that he rips his victims apart, making him the prime suspect in Kelly’s death. Her death became more important than the other victims because the way she was killed was the most gruesome out of the victims. So far, only five death were confirmed to be done by Jack. When the victim's death are compared to Kelly's, all the victim’s abdomen were cut open. This was a sign the criminal investigators has picked up. Forensics would find either intestines or their uterus missing. Plus he seemed to fit the police’s requirement list as well (Rubinstein). He was believed to have lived in the same area as Kelly and went out to scout some prostitutes as well. Kelly, being the attractive woman she was, must’ve caught his eyes. Which could have resulted in, Kelly becoming his last and final

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