The Jubo: The Greatest Show On Earth

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Animals have been kept in captivity for entertainment reasons and money. The captivity of large animals in zoos and aquariums is cruel and immoral because the natural instincts and behaviors of the animals have been corrupted and the treatment of the animals has turned to abuse; animals are now seen as entertainers, not wild beings. The captivity of animals began when a healthy two-year-old elephant calf left the fields of Ethiopia by the hands of snatchers. P.T. Barnum purchased the giant elephant from the Royal Zoological Society of London in 1880 and named him Jumbo. Barnum was looking for something that would generate money and an audience for his act, The Greatest Show on Earth. Jumbo became an instant hit. Especially with the children, Jumbo’s nickname was the “children’s greatest pet.” Barnum’s circus performed at the Hippodrome, which is now known as Madison Square Garden. Jumbo went on to travel throughout the states and Canada in his …show more content…
The atmosphere at SeaWorld is always so happy and uplifting it was hard to believe such cruel things were going on under the surface.” She was then asked if she would return to SeaWorld after seeing the documentary and she said, “I am having trouble because this place was a part of my childhood and I have such great memories there so it is hard to let it go. At the same time, I do not think I can go there and watch the show while knowing what is going on. To see the pain in the whale’s eyes would kill me. Something needs to be done to make life better for those

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