How Smartphones Affect People

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Why are people today so addicted to their smartphones? I feel that everywhere that I go all I see is people with their noses in their phones. Why is this? Teens and young adults who were born in the late 20th century were introduced to something at a young age that the world has never seen before, and that was the smartphone. The smartphone has taken over the lives of not just teens, but also many adults. Smartphones have ruined people 's communication skill, and the skill to hold a face to face conversation with somebody without being interrupted by their smartphones. So why do smartphones affect the way that people today cannot hold a conversation with somebody without checking their phone. Social media is changing the way that people …show more content…
It is amazing what our world has come to. With the touch of a button we can know everything and everything that we would want to know, from how to tie a tie to paying your bills. But maybe we can do too much with our smartphones knowing that 37% of adults and 60% of teens are addicted to their smartphones. Smartphones aren 't going to limit what they can do over the next few years, they are only going to get better. If that means better for the good or better for the worse, who knows, but hopefully it is better for the good. Right now 51% of adults and 65% of teens admit that they have used their smartphones while have another conversation with another person. (Are Smartphones Taking Over Our Lives?) When our smartphones become more important than having a conversation with another human, than that is when they become a bad thing. Even though smartphones are one of the most amazing things that are available today, they can also be abusive. 23% of adults and 34% of teens have admitted using their smartphones during mealtimes. (Are Smartphones Taking Over Our Lives?) Dinnertime is supposed to be a time that you spend with your family and talk about our days, not text friends. Faith and family should be the two most important things, but friends are constantly being put over our faith and family. People need to put their smartphones down and take a look at what more they could do in life if they were not constantly on their

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