Argumentative Essay : ' Skinny '

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“You’re so tiny!” “I wish I could fit into clothes that small!” “Do you even eat? I’m sure you 're the only person to photosynthesize!” Though weight jokes have never been popular or acceptable on the heavier end of comedy, the surge body-positive attitudes in our society have managed to still leave out two percent of Americans that are the underweight population. ‘Skinny’ has been a compliment and social trend for years now. With media broadcasting diets, models, fit celebrities, and the market that’s revolved around body insecurity, the imagery that makes up the average idea of ‘skinny’ is frequently exposed to us on a daily basis in magazines, on our smart-devices, and in our entertainment. The next size down is the next best thing, and as much as people may love the idea of being skinny, the dictionary may state otherwise. Skinny is defined as ‘a very small part or entirety of the body’, and synonyms cover a set of far less appealing adjectives, like scrawny, underfed, bony, and skeletal. And as a skinny person myself, I can personally testify that my skinniness is not as glamorous or encouraging as supermodels make it seem. To start, skinny is a mirage. As times have changed, society has come to believe that the smaller we are, the happier we are. Diet fads fall in and out like fashion trends, magazines hook readers with healthy recipes and revealed weight loss secrets. The twisted dream that a slimmer waist magically grants you popularity, beauty, appreciation, and…

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