Argumentative Essay: Should College Football Players Get Paid

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There are lots of issues in the sports world. One issue is whether college football players should get paid. Its an issue because that's their only source of income because playing college football is a year-round sport between workouts, practices and their games. Even though If they do not get paid, practice time may be interrupted by their working hours, They should get paid because They should get paid so that they are able to focus on the team, not on trying to find a job. and They should get paid so that they can pay for supplies and food.

Generally, practices run six days a week. You would think that the athletes would be able to balance their jobs and their athletics. You would be wrong. Practice generally runs six days a week and
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Players that can find the time to juggle the responsibilities of having a both a team and a job. Alpena High School Coach Eric Mitchell stated, ” I agree that players should be paid, but not all players should be on a contract, but paid with stipends. That would be their only source of income, besides missing practices to go to their job. As a coach, it's very frustrating because you would try to run a new play and your key component would not be there because he is gone for some other reason. ”. Another example that shows that they should get paid for playing their favorite sport instead of balancing between athletics and a job is, “The money is helpful for college athletes constrained by the rigors of classes, practices, travel and training, and can't work a typical part-time college job…”. Players that have a job may find that their job hours cut into their practice time or game time. Let’s say that a college football player has a job and his hours are from 6:30a.m. to 3:30p.m. this could interfere with a player’s practice times, which are from 11:00-2:00, which means he would miss the whole practice most of the week. Players could also miss game time because their coach wants a player that they can count on every time. The players, coach could cut the player loose to make room for other players that would give anything to be a college football

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