Argumentative Essay : Sexism Today

1619 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 null Page
Sexism Today From the time a female is born, she is inundated with the idea of how a girl should be. Pink rooms with flowery and feminine accessories are normal. Dolls and domestic toys such as vacuums, kitchens, and brooms are what they are given to play with. As they grow, girls are taught to be gentle and act ladylike. They are often told not to get dirty and bought dresses to wear. Soon, these girls start reading magazines that teach them how to act. Teens will buy popular magazines where male idols tell what their ideal mate is like, or how they like women to act on a date. Fashion magazines show women in skimpy outfits, looking sexy and have headlines promising to teach the females that buy it how to treat their man. At the same time, media is portraying the ideal female in many different formats. Sexism is abundant everywhere you look and this is where it starts. Women are taught several messages from a young age that they then use, usually unintentionally, to contribute to continuing sexism. Sexism, according to The Free Dictionary, is “discrimination based on gender, especially discrimination against women and the belief that one gender is superior to the other, especially that men are superior to women”. Looks are often a defining factor for how females are judged. Girls learn this by watching the adult women around them, in magazines, and on television. The message that is often given is that your worth is based on your looks. Being an attractive women, looking…

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