Examples Of Revenge Lies Within Us

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Revenge Lies Within All of Us Why does a psychopath decide to lead a violent and aggressive life? While a child is growing up, the behavior of the parent has great influence on the behavior of the child. If a parent treats their child with love, care, and respect, chances are that the child will grow up to live a nice, healthy lifestyle. On the contrary, if the parents of a child are abusive and constantly giving corporal punishments, the child might develop behavior problems and will have trouble controlling their emotions. These problems can continue into the child 's adult life and will affect their ability to think clearly. Many parents in the world use corporal punishment on their children. Children are often physically harmed by being …show more content…
Sheila wanted to fit in with the other kids of her age who lived regular lifestyles. In this scene, towards the end of the novel, Sheila is angry with Torey because Torey has to leave on vacation and Sheila does not want her to. “I’m gonna be bad. I’m not gonna be nice at all in Miss McGuire’s class and then you’ll have to come back.” (Hayden 68) This quote illustrates how Sheila would easily get mad when Torey hurt her emotionally. Sheila usually reacted negatively to situations where things did not go her way. Torey Hayden’s purpose is to show that Sheila wanted attention from Torey because adults in Sheila’s life rarely cared for her and Torey had been one of the first to do so. In this scene, the school year is almost over and everyone is emotional because they do not want to leave. “I don’t wanna go, I don’t want this to be over, I wanna come back, Torey.” (Hayden 109) This quote illustrates how Sheila had grown to trust Torey and shared her emotions freely. Sheila was getting upset with Torey over something that they both had no control over. Hayden’s purpose was to show that Sheila’s behavior was heavily influenced by the words and actions of others, especially those of the people she cared for. Hayden wants the reader to understand Sheila’s feelings and perspective. Sheila loved Torey a lot, and, because of this, she thought that it was right to act in a way that made Torey happy. When Torey did or said something that showed she did not like Sheila’s behavior, Sheila tried to change, but it was hard for her because she grew up living a rough

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