Argumentative Essay : Reactive Change

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Reactive Change
Most of my tenure in higher education has been working with proprietary institutions. Several years ago the Gainful Employment Regulations forced changes at my school that caused panic among our leadership, which led the rest of the school into a panic as well. The purpose of the established set of rules was to ensure students at proprietary institutions receive value from the education related to post-graduation placement (U.S. Department of Education, 2016). This ruling was so important to our school because 90% of the school’s revenue came from federal student aid, losing eligibility would mean the business would not survive.
The thirteen-part ruling affected most of our departments from Admissions to Student Services, the Registrar’s Office on through Career Services. As Buller (2015) described, changed was forced on our institution by the Department of Education (DOE) and though we were able to choose how to respond we were required to adhere to a deadline for those changes. I recall our leaders’ attempts to embrace the situational leadership approach, but the culture was not innovative. As Buller also stated, even when change is reactive there are opportunities for leaders to implement innovative approaches to solving problems.
Changes handed down represented a missed opportunity to find the best way our school could have integrated the regulations. Yes, the procedural changes made us compliant but we missed a valuable opening since “a change in…

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