Argumentative Essay On Women's Fat Problem

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“Go ahead and judge me by my weight or my personality, but only I know the truth” (Lina Sultani). Girls today are judged by their physical looks, and for most people now a days it doesn 't matter if women are fat or skinny because they will either be too fat or too skinny. It is just sickening how people can have these kinds of standards towards women 's weight but the matter of fact is that people and society will always have these judgements towards our beautiful women!
Being comfortable in your own skin can be difficult to achieve especially for our women who are constantly put down because of their weight. Our adolescent women are put down on their weight because of bullying. For instance, according to Graham, G. (2012, Oct 07) a girl named
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They think it all has to do with self esteem and it doesn 't. Society has always been another big impact on women 's weight problem! According to Preedom, J. (2003, May 27) everywhere you turn there are commercials on how can us women do to loose weight and be the perfect weight. Commenrcials like these are what make society think that we can only be beautiful if we are the perfect weight. Making other woman who are already the “perfect weight” turn against women who are just thick and beautiful because they believe they are either too fat or too skinny. However size does not matter and women shouldn 't be putting it on themselves but what 's crushing is that thanks to society woman are starting to forget the true meaning of beauty! Also according to Wilson, C., & Silverwood, J. (2014, Oct 05 comments like these : “put it away fatso!” And “Urgh! Who wants to see this” was left on a girls bikini picture she decided to post on social media. Why are people even leaving comments like these? Haven 't they been teached that if you don 't have nothing good to say don 't say nothing at …show more content…
According to Arroyo, A. (2013) when women have talks with friends about weight concern it can make an impact on how bad they think about their weight. Friends have a big impact on how women reflect towards their weight because all they talk about it 's being the right weight! For instance, Kerlian who was always concerned about her weight, had a lot of friends who encouraged her to have bad thoughts about how she looked on the outside. Her friends wouldn 't tell her she was fat however they always talked about other people 's weight and comparing themselves with people who did have a nice body. Although they didn 't mean to hurt her, they never watch what they would say about weight alfront of her. This is what happens with many women now a days. Friends and even family like to make poor judgement of other people 's weight and they don 't notice that they can be hurting someone else 's feelings along the way. Causing women to be really hard on themselves and even feeling pressured into judging to hard on their outside image instead of just focusing on what their true beauty

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