Argumentative Essay On Video Games

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Register to read the introduction… When young children who are still developing psychologically play games that depict extreme violence, sex, etc, increased aggressive behavior and increased psychological arousal are just a couple of many outcomes a child could experience if involved in playing these games. High levels of delinquency, fighting at school, and violent criminal behavior have been known to be linked to extreme aggression in children who play these types of violent games. Studies have also shown that men are more likely to partake in violent behavior because of violent video games than women …show more content…
Less than half of gamers play with their siblings, parents, or spouses. After many hours of observing online communities and the interactions and reactions gamers have with violent video games, Sociologist Talmadge Wright concluded that conversations about the games content provides a certain way of thinking about the rules and how to break the rules. The social interactions gamers have with one another electronically ultimately are transgressed fantasies represented onscreen. Throughout the years, researchers and scientists have been collectively gathering more information on how violent video games contribute to aggressive behavior in children and young adults. Government officials and politicians have been working hard researching and implementing certain restrictions and laws to prevent the sale of violent video games to minors. Like California and its Civil Code prohibiting the sale of video games to minors, all the states should consider beefing up restrictions on retailers and the sale of video games with Mature Ratings so children aren't blindsided in the future by the effects violent video games will have on their developing mind. Many terrible incidences have occurred throughout the years in the United States resulting in criminal activity and death due to cases of children who excessively played violent video games. Much still needs to be accomplished to further prevent these incidences from reoccurring in the …show more content…

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