Argumentative Essay On Vegetarianism And Vetarianism

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Behind Vegetarians and Vegans Time is changing where population on Earth is increasing day by day and food is needed to feed everyone. The population will increase 458 million by 2050 according to the United States Census Bureau. Because of this, resources of food will increase at the same time. The average American consumes 209 pounds of meat per year. Today, many kids are suffering from obesity at an early stage in their lives. They are making bad food choices. Kids would rather eat a hamburger or hot dog than a plate of vegetables. Society has changed where the biggest side of a plate is meat than vegetables. Each corner street a person could find a fast food restaurant and not a local market. It is easier to eat at a fast food restaurant …show more content…
For starters, the meat production contributes to climate change more than it should. According to the World Watch Institute, “livestock and their byproducts actually account for at least 32.6 billion of carbon dioxide each year” (world watch institute). Low levels of carbon dioxide are not harmful yet, high levels can increase the temperature of the atmosphere. Climate change does not only affect humans but also, all animals as well. Due to climate change, many animals have to find climate where they could survive and risk their lives to protect themselves and their family. It is not just affecting humans or animals but also, the Earth itself. People are destroying where they live without any …show more content…
They bring a big change in life for more energy, maintaining weight, and living happy. With more energy there is a possibility to do more physical activities during the day. In result a better life. More important, people need to know there is more than just buying meat in the supermarket. Animals are living on Earth just as humans. They might not be as intelligent as a person but the feeling of wanting to survive is in them as well. Humans need to know about how to value every earthling. In United Sates, it is typically to get disgusted with someone eating a dog than a pig. Vegetarians and vegans ask meat eaters if they are willing to eat animals considered “livestock” why not just eat a dog or a cat. What is the difference? There are many laws against cruelty to certain animals, dog fighting. In fact, pigs can distinguish America has the idea of speciesism- discrimination against certain animals. Every animal thinks, feelings, and wants to

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