Ethical And Environmental Problems Of Being Vegetarian

Behind Vegetarians and Vegans Time is changing where population on Earth is increasing day by day and food is needed to feed everyone. The population will increase 458 million by 2050 according to the United States Census Bureau. Because of this, resources of food will increase at the same time. The average American consumes 209 pounds of meat per year. Today, many kids are suffering from obesity at an early stage in their lives. They are making bad food choices. Kids would rather eat a hamburger or hot dog than a plate of vegetables. Society has changed where the biggest side of a plate is meat than vegetables. Each corner street a person could find a fast food restaurant and not a local market. It is easier to eat at a fast food restaurant than buying fresh products and cook as a family. Due to this many Americans are obese or overweight. However, today not only people are making the decision of changing this around, they are becoming vegetarian or vegan. More people should go vegetarian or vegan for health, ethical, and environmental problems.
In order to understand vegans or vegetarians, people need to know the different types of diets. For instance, lacto vegetarian does not eat any red or white meat such as fish or eggs, but consume dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt. An ovo vegetarian does not eat white or red meat yet they eat egg products.
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People can eat vegetables and still have a bad habit of eating junk food. For instance, chips, soda, or any other high fat foods, a healthy diet consists of eating a balanced diet and exercising. There is no need for people to go vegetarian if they are not willing to eat healthier without any junk food. However, many Americans consume more unnecessary foods with more calories than vegetables or fruits. Also, Americans today do not have the time to exercise in a day to do work. Living like this can lead to chronic diseases that can cause

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