Argumentative Essay On Vaccination

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A Students View on Controversial Topics: Vaccinations
A little girl lays on a cold hospital bed; her parents are told her body is being ravaged by the measles virus that leaves her in a vegetative state. She did not receive this virus from a foreign disease ridden country, but from her classmate whose parents chose not to get their child vaccinated. Measles is one of the leading causes of death among young children, even with a vaccine available (World Health Organization). Even with the very real threat posed by measles and its counterparts, some others still believe that the same vaccine made to save lives are a risk to our health even with overwhelming evidence that proves their stance as invalid. There are many reasons why all parents should
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Viruses spread like wildfires if they are not monitored and prevented. 90% of the people who are not immune and come in close contact with a person infected with the measles virus will also become infected. Not every individual 's immune system is the same, so you can not make assumptions about other children based on your own child 's immunity. Dr. William Schaffner ,Member of Infectious Diseases Society of America, states that “ that at least 95 percent of the population needs to be vaccinated in order to stop the spread of measles.” . Just because your child does not show symptoms of the disease that not mean could not be carriers of that disease. According to the Department of Health and Human Services in Australia, “The incubation period of measles is approximately ten days, but varies from seven to 18 days from exposure to the onset of fever. It is usually 14 days until the rash appears”. More than about 80% of those who contracted measles in the most recent outbreak in Disneyland were not vaccinated. When you choose to vaccinate you are not only protecting your child but also your …show more content…
Most of these very small few believe that giving your child vaccines leads to the development of autism. Among these people includes Dr. Andrew Wakefield, gastroenterologist, and his colleagues who conducted a study with results that stated autism was a byproduct of vaccinations. However, the major flaw of this study is that Dr. Wakefield only studied 8 children, far less than a credible study should have. In contrast, The American Academy of Pediatrics, a far more credible source, report: “Central nervous system disturbances, such as encephalitis, have been reported with a frequency of less than one per 1 million doses of MMR vaccination”. There have been several clinical reports done by accredited and unbiased professionals that confirm the safety of vaccines to satiable level, and that is why many of the worlds most progress physicians recommend vaccination. One of these studies includes that of Dr. Madsen and colleagues done during 1991-1998 where they studied 537,303 children.In their study they found no link between autism and vaccinations. There are studies that proclaim that vaccines are not always safe and effective, but so is every type of medicine in the world but we continue to take them. 57.9% of people experience side effects when using ibuprofen; 32.1%-41.1% more than the average

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