The New Deal: Economic Recovery And Social Reform

Hallie Grant
Mr. Sawyer
U.S. History
March 25, 2015
The New Deal
William E. Leuchtenbur, a renowned author of Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal wrote, “In Chicago, a crowd of some fifty hungry men fought over barrel of garbage set outside the back door of restaurant,” (Leuchtenburg). Truely America was desperate due to the Great Depression, hence the arising of the New Deal. The backbone of American life was being jepordized, Roosevelt 's New Deals provided America with a way forward. The New Deals were a set of programs and policies constructed to promote economic recovery and social reform. The New Deal was introduced by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1933, and was enacted until 1938. The New Deal put the government into the
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They believed that the best way to battle the depression was to raise the wages of workers in the hope that if people had less of an economic issue they would be more willing to spend more of their money.
The Social Security Act of 1935 included unemployment insurance, aid to the disabled, aid to poor families with children, and of course retirement benefits. Social security was, and still is funded through payroll taxes rather than general revenue. Social security overall represented a transformation in the relationship between the federal government and American citizens.
Before the New Deal most Americans didn 't expect the government to help them with economic struggles. Although after the new deal the question was no longer if the government should but how it should. The US government under Roosevelt embraced Keynesian economics, an idea that the government should spend money even if it means going into deficits in order to prop up demand, and this meant that the state was much more present in people 's lives. For some people this meant relief or social security checks, and for others it meant a job with the most successful government employment program, the Works Progress Administration. The WPA didn 't just build post offices, it paid painters to make them beautiful with murals, and overall employed more than three million Americans, until it ended in
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In 1940 over 15% of the American workforce still remained unemployed. Although when Roosevelt began in office in 1933 the unemployment rate was at 25%. It wasn’t the New Deal itself that ended the Great Depression,but World War II. The New Deal was important being that it changed the shape of the American Democratic Party, African Americans and union workers became reliable democratic votes. And secondly it changed our way of thinking.
Above all The New Deal changed the expectations that Americans had of their government, when things go wrong, we now expect the government to intervene.

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