Argumentative Essay On The First Amendment

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Register to read the introduction… The constitutional amendment that relates to that specific situation is the First amendment, which guarantees the right of a free press to publish text and images and protects different aspects of "free expression." The argument that could made for or against the government on preventing the press from publishing graphic photos of victims of the natural disaster to protect their privacy would be that roughly half of the people would believe that it’s too drastic to show to the world what’s really happening that they should kept it into a minimum that they can show to their children that may have parents and family members lost in that disaster. About half of the other percent of the people would be gracious of the press on releasing these photos because, its help the people see what really happening and what the others are ignoring. My position, on the issues is that I'm not very good on holding emotion inside and seeing an image that shows many death people which I know that at least one of them related to me would not be a great image for me to see. Considering, death is not very easy thing for anybody and it could be rough for me or others also in my position, but, if that picture would at least help me get a clear picture on what really happened and help me see what I need to see than the government should not prevent the press on releasing the image. The officials, should agree with me because, I know that they might have family members in that natural disaster that they have not known what happens to them and you never know that a picture can help you direct to where they are located. The picture may be graphic but, they are the solution to the problem that they might be looking

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