Feminist Of Beauty Pageants

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Imagine a world where Women and Men were viewed as equal, where girls don’t feel the consent strain of beauty standards and were they are judged on their brains not their looks. This will remain a fantasy until we end beauty pageants. How can we say that girls are worth more than their looks or that society should treat women with respect when there are pageants proving the exact opposite? Some may say that it provides women a chance to become somebody in our society or that it is a women's choice if they want to be a pageant queen or not, but at what cost. Beauty pageants are the problem keeping us from any feminist progress by sending the wrong message to young girls, women and society as a whole.

The first step to any feminist progress
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Sam Bell of Blue Jean magazine said, “Miss. America was suddenly every girl’s role model.” (Bell). But we must ask ourselves if we want Miss. America to be the role model of these girls. Michelle Silver of Girls Life Magazine says, “They spend years refining their appearance, some choosing cosmetic surgery to enhance their natural beauty while others use professional coaches to aid them on their quest for the crown.” (Konci). These women spend their lives trying to perfect their appearances and some center their very livelihood on their looks and preparing for the pageant. How is that a realistic role model for young girls? And what does it say to young girls seeing thousands of women the same height, weight and race stand in a line, they are shown that this is the norm. Michelle Silver says, “Dare to be different may work in real life, but it’s swift and certain death on the pageant scene” …show more content…
But how can we possibly say we should be viewed as equal when we have a competition where women are judged on their appearance and doesn't that go against the whole concept of feminism. People argue that beauty pageants are entertaining, in what world is a woman being judged by her appearance and is treated as an inanimate object entertaining. And finally the most outraging argument is that beauty pageants give woman a chance to become someone in our society, that it gives them a chances to leave their mark on society, and that these beauty pageants can make a woman important part of our society. Sam Bell said “The pageant became an opportunity to win some money and ‘become someone’ this idea is flabbergasting; these women were “somebody's” before they began to dream about winning a silly crown.” (Bell). This just explains how outrageous the idea of the beauty pageant giving women a chance to become someone, everyone in our society is someone and every single person is important, their beauty doesn't define their

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