Compare And Contrast Act And SAT

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Dexter Freeman
Professor Sheppard
English 113
November 6, 2017

Argumentative Essay
Are tests like the ACT and SAT effective? A lot of people thinks that they aren’t effective test. Some feel likes these tests prepares you for college and see what’s you level of education. Next, most colleges look at these scores to determine if student get accepted or not. The ACT and SAT are given four times a year. These tests cost about 50 dollars each. There is a lot of people that feel like these tests are a waste of time or not good for students. They are both pros and cons of taking these tests. Do they really help students? Should colleges look scores to consider acceptance? The ACT and SAT are good test because most students get to see if
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These tests are taken early in the morning most student doesn’t get to eat before these tests. Next, a lot of kids can’t afford to keep paying to retake the test if they did terrible on it. Nationally, minority students and students from lower income schools and homes tend to score lower on the SAT. Also, studies have shown that family environment can have an effective on students score. People have said they feel like the ACT and SAT are more directly to rich kids, according to the scores that what it seems like. It’s almost like minority are meant to fail these tests. A lot of kids get denied admission because they don’t have a certain test score. Studies have shown that more colleges are predominately white because most a lot of minorities get denied admission because of score on tests. High schools don’t prepare you for these tests. Since these tests are so big into getting in college, high schools should teach you stuff that’s on the test. A test shouldn’t determine if a student gets into a school. A lot of students will have the GPA but not the test score and get denied. Studies have shown that these tests don’t help kids in college. These tests are also time most kids don’t get finish in time. At the end of the test the students will have guess because the time is running out. Students are penalized for incorrect answers when they have guess but if they don’t either way it will be wrong for having a blank answer on the SAT. On the ACT it doesn’t penalized you having wrong answers. Also, kids can cheat when taking the test. So, a student can do good on test and not even practice for it. For example, if a student with a high GPA and not good test score gets denied admission but a student with an average GPA and high-test score get accepted because they cheated. Another reason people are spectacle about these test is that a lot of athletes will get other people to take their test to get in the school. Most

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